The spaces where our beliefs and behaviors resist easy articulation are starting points for the investigation of the overlapping intersections that mark the contours of identity. I am interested in processes that push up against and delineate these edges, these slightly uncomfortable interfaces that define us. Exercising the disruptive force of this examination, I mutate and manipulate the many boundaries of the self, making and unmaking these patterns.

Textiles are intimately intertwined with what we are as humans. So much of the development of our cultures, economics, and technologies has been driven by our use of these processes and materials. This provides an exciting and almost limitless area for exploration and is the foundation of my art practice. The historical and culturally gendered associations carried by these ways of making are directly related to my interests in inhabiting and examining these markers of identity.

Following my concern with materiality and patterns I carefully compose the elements used to construct these interventions in experience, encoding layers of meaning. Through interactions using touch, text, varying levels of sensory interruption, conversation, performances, and video, I explore ideas of self, body, gender, isolation, as well as feminized and emotional labor. Whether embodying a treacherous crone handing out apples at a night fair, or a lonely karaoke singer stuck in an endless loop in a dark bar I perform both solitary and interactive actions to examine societal constructs around femininity, care-taking, artifice, and alienation.  

Recent works involve inhabiting personas composed from various autobiographical and cultural fragments as well as exploring encoding and decoding through actions, objects, and installations.